Pathway of Happiness

Today, I exist.

I am "independent." I own my life and live on my terms. Survival is not guaranteed. However, I do believe in love and feeling of belonging. I love my kids. I love myself. I love my wife. I love my friends and like and truly enjoy helping people. I like to solve challenging problems that matter to all life because all that we do is, eventually, for others. We want to feel useful, productive, happy. This is my pathway of, not to, happiness.

Doing what I love

  • Enjoying mealtimes with friends and family
  • Fixing things using clever engineering
  • Programming computers to make life more enjoyable
  • Reading texts that contain new knowledge for me
  • Riding my bike in interesting places
  • Solving complex or challenging socio-economic and business problems

Feeling great everyday

  • Forming and nurturing habits that support a healthy lifestyle
  • Having energy to play with my kids
  • Having strength to ride my Yeti
  • Regaining and maintaining my natural weight
  • Staying healthy through conscious eating

Learning all the time

  • Being self-critical and honest about my knowledge gaps
  • Caring about what is said, instead of who said it
  • Pursuing new knowledge aggressively through thought and deliberate practice
  • Reading critically everything that catches my attention

Helping others be happy

  • Forming new social connections between strangers
  • Listening honestly to other's desires, problems, wishes and criticisms
  • Recommending ideas for solutions to problems only when asked
  • Spending time sharing or enjoying meaningful experiences

Hope these simple guidelines help you establish your Path of Happiness today. Don't wait, only you can change yourself.